T.O.P. Trainer Summary

In the T.O.P. Trainer program, you will learn all the ‘Tips & Tricks’ also used by the founders of Overload Worldwide themselves in, among others, the Marine Corps, the Ultimate Fitness Challenge, and various (Olympic) athletes. This module teaches you how to create a complete and optimal “personalized” training program for your clients.

  • Why and when should I adjust the tempo of an exercise
  • Maximum strength training; increasing strength without increasing weight
  • Optimal customized schedules for every client
  • Effects of strength training; Neuromuscular, Muscular, Biochemical, and Hormonal
  • Strength training ‘specials’; improve your VO2-max with strength training
  • Muscle fiber typing; how do I determine someone’s muscle fiber type?


We don’t adhere to a fixed curriculum because we consider each individual or organization as unique material. Our programs are tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

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